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PostSubject: kS threads   Wed Oct 19, 2011 4:28 pm

General Chat

General Chat is athread made for the express purpose of general discussion about what's happening in Battlefield Heroes and for people who have any questions about anything game related.

Clan Discussions

Clan Discussions is for discussion directly related to the clan and mainly reserved for questions to the clan or upcoming information about what the clan is up to.

Introduce Yourself

Introduce Yourself is designed for new members to the kS forums to give a little introduction of who they are and what their possible interests are - such as what games they play or what music they like to listen to. It's advised before posting on the forums to introduce yourself so everyone can have some background information on who you are.

kS recruitment

kS recruitment is for those who want to become a Representative member of kS. People who are wishing to apply must follow the application format ( ) and post a topic on the thread using the application example. It's advised not to email your application but instead post it in the correct thread.

Off Topic

Off Topic is where anyone can post anything as random and as un-related as they want. It's the perfect place to show people some funny videos or to talk about something that doesn't fit anywhere else on the forums. If you are posting please keep in mind that there may be younger members viewign what you post.
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kS threads
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