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 Hi I'm popalongpop/Eamon

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PostSubject: Hi I'm popalongpop/Eamon   Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:36 am

Hi guys I'm Eamon or as most of you know me, popalongpop. I like playing computer games but my parents hate me doing it so I cant play that much, I play goalie when I play soccer cus Im 6"1 and im 14 so I pretty tall. My fave colour is Blue and I have a bird called Ucci (Oochi) and a dog called Roxy. I have 1 brother named Reuben and he's 21 and moved out. My fave class is gunner but I have been playing alot of soldier lately and I think I have been getting pretty good at it. My playstile is just rush the sh*t out of them on gunner. On mando I like to sorta camp but I like to move to diferent spots alot. On soldier I try and play as a team player. Some interesting facts about me are that I can speak nearly fluent french and I live 2 streets away from Alex and Jarrod.

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Hi I'm popalongpop/Eamon
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