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PostSubject: [kS]-$carFace   Fri Oct 11, 2013 7:38 pm

Real life Name: JACK ( call me Beautiful)

Age: 16

Player Name: TGod_Scarface

Main Character: [tO]-SKILLS

Why do you want to join kS?:Because you guys seems pretty nice and I knew some of you guys that I have played bfh with and I'll be helping you guys to keep this clan Good.

Why you think you would be an asset to the clan: I'll helping some of you guys ingame of other things that you might be needed helping with and hoping i'll try to make this clan big as I can with you guys.

How can you help further the clan?: Like I said in the last Question.

What is your play style?: I'm usually a team player, what I mean by that is being a Soldier BS team (Blasting Strike), giving medic to the people that needs medic and playing as defensive and Attacking.

Do you buy funds?: I buy funds when I need to buy funds.

Can you help donate to a kS server?: I'll try to donate but i'll think about it...

Do you have a microphone + Teamspeak 3/Ventrilo?: yes

What other games do you play? I play Warframe, just starting play LoL (League of Legends), COD, Minecraft etc.

Any other info?: Nope.

Where you invited to the clan? if so by who?: No one rly invited but i think someone told that kS is back so, im not rly sure who that guy was?

Thankyou Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: [kS]-$carFace   Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:05 pm

Hey Scarface, thanks for the application. Smile

Sorry it's taken us a while to see this - we are starting up again, just the last couple of school/uni have been busy so we aren't properly up and running yet.
Anyway, app looks fine...haven't really seen you play or spoken to you, so I'm gonna wait for 'the other two leaders to give their opinion to start you as a trial.

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