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 Ks application Fierce

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PostSubject: Ks application Fierce   Thu Nov 14, 2013 7:48 pm

Real life Name: *Optional* Nickname in real life is Sid

Age: 13

Player Name: KillersLive

Main Character: Fi3rc3 ( level 28 national gunner )

Why do you want to join kS?: i want to join ks because i think im skilled enough to be in a clan and i have a lot of experience with bfh

Why you think you would be an asset to the clan: i think i can be a asset to the clan by being a good player and being a polite person ts. i can also be asset to the clan since im a team player.

How can you help further the clan?: i can help the clan by telling the admins good players which have the potential to join kS and make our clan strive to the best Very Happy

What is your play style?: my preffered playstyle on gunner is to rush. but i also can be a team player

Do you buy Battlefunds?: i do not buy battlefunds that often but i can buy a boku sms fund pack if its a emergency

Can you help donate to a kS server?: i am not sure yet if i can help donate to ks as i get most of my funds from my parents credit card

Do you have a microphone + Teamspeak 3/Ventrilo?: yes i do have a microphone which i can use on ts

What other games do you play? i play bfh, minecraft and i have recently started to play team fortress 2. but my main game is bfh

Any other info?: *Optional* National: 28 gunner and 25 soldier Royal: 19 soldier and gunner (close to 20)
i can level up my royals if u want me to.

Where you invited to the clan? if so by who?: *Optional and will be check on*
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Ks application Fierce
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